Pixeld was born from a childhood love of computer games and teenage experiments in website building for managing director Nathan George. It was this love of digital development that encouraged him to turn these hobbies into a way of living.

Having begun his career in Melbourne, Nathan was faced with the sudden challenge of having to find employment elsewhere when his workplace ran out of money. With an already established list of clientele, he began the adventure of building his own business during his twenties and endured the highs and lows of its formation and financially making it work. While results were coming through, he and his wife welcomed a baby girl and decided to sell the business to focus on family. It took several years working for web development and digital marketing companies for Nathan to decide “to get back into the business game” and this idea is what developed Pixeld.

Created from the love of challenge and problem solving, the idea of Pixeld is to “take people’s problems and create a clever solution for them, one that either gets them more results or makes things easier.”

Located in the heart of central Geelong, Pixeld has set up home as the premier digital marketing agency of Ryrie Street. Occupying an edgy office space since 2016, it is Pixeld’s mission to build sophisticated websites alongside specialised effective digital marketing solutions, paid advertising, social media campaigns and email marketing. The ambition to take people’s challenges and find creative solutions is what Pixeld is all about.

Neatly situated close to the innovative Geelong Library and Heritage Centre (a.k.a The Dome) and the boutique, street culture held in James Street, Nathan wanted the Pixeld office to look over the bustling Geelong city. The office has experienced the thrill of growth in this year alone. Now home to a team of four professionals including a web designer, a digital marketing specialist and as well as a content creator, it is in Nathan’s plans to expand further and open up another office. Accomplishing this not only to meet the needs of Pixeld’s clients but to grow a team who are passionate about what they do, enjoy being in each others company and work up to becoming industry leaders.

With a team firmly established, what would be the best part about owning a business in Geelong? “The community of business owners that didn’t exist for me in my twenties.” Nathan fondly describes the Geelong business community as incredibly helpful and welcoming and is particularly pleased that there are now so many opportunities to connect with other business owners. This supportive community, he believes, is what “makes business in Geelong a lot more enjoyable.”

Recalling the memories of being in his twenties and first starting out in the business world, Nathan reflects on his discomfort and hesitation in the big social aspect of networking. It can seem to many as quite confronting when first starting out however, after growing confidence and meeting people with an open mind and no expectation he now expresses that he “feels like I’ve actually made the majority of my friends through running a business.” While the Geelong business community is tight, it is the view that other locations have on the Geelong community that he hopes/and is working to change. Geelong business is thriving however Nathan believes it has not quite captured recognition from other parts of the country that it deserves. It is hoped that Pixeld can contribute to a change of view, as Nathan states

“I know we’re doing good work but I want to make sure everybody knows we’re doing good work.”

Finally, if you were to ask Nathan what advice he would give to those newcomers starting their business venture, it would be to get out there! He encourages the idea of going to marketing events and going without expectation, just a hunger for the experience. Because as experienced by himself, in the long term drive and effort will always be reciprocated.