A lover of love, good vibes and celebration, Jake Hogan has created a successful Geelong based photography business capturing the weddings of lovers throughout.

Jake began dabbling in social event photography by shooting the parties and events of friends, which lead to the success of Jake Hogan Photography. His work became recognised and enquiry after enquiry came rolling in.

Driven by his love of being in the company of people, Hogan turned his talent for photography into a business that allowed him to document the happiest day of people’s lives,  

“I needed a job that allowed me to engage with people, hang out with people, and be uplifted by people.”

Four years later and he is shooting a scale of roughly forty five weddings a year.

As many can relate, Jake’s passion for becoming a photographer was discovered after experiencing other professional fields. Having begun three previous non-related courses at uni, he decided they were just not for him, and with the guidance of mentors and peers, worked to  become a self-taught photographer.

With beautiful locations and scenery throughout the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions to provide a backdrop to his photos, Jake also has the challenge of juggling the ropes of being the sole trader of his business. This involves being the CEO, the accountant, the financial adviser, editor, photographer, the receptionist, right down the to “the intern that makes coffees all day long.” However the hard work pays off and the rewarding nature of the job is what makes it all worthwhile. The best thing about owning a business in Geelong? “Getting to know people, and then seeing them out and about in life after the wedding. I LOVE seeing couples a few years after their weddings and seeing how happy they are; some even have kids, which is super special.” The meaningful aspect of the job is what drives Jake to give his absolute best for the couples and families he gets to meet. So much so, that the feeling of being welcomed and embraced by a big, loving community is what keeps his feet firmly in the Geelong region.

However, having a wedding photography business does not come without its challenges. Shooting in the same popular venues and locations throughout the region means having to come up with different and creative ways to capture moments than those at previous weddings.

For Jake, getting creatively stuck is his least favourite part about having a Geelong based business, but it is what motivates him to come up with new ideas and new ways to shoot at the same locations. In saying that, Jake is always open to different venues, whether that be barns, private properties, even sheds.

Over the next twelve months he is aiming to shoot as many weddings as possible and reach his target of seventy wedding shoots. With his growing success, it appears he will not be far off.

The best part about owning Jake Hogan Photography? Having sole control and relying on himself to maintain the smooth running of the business. He admits “If I slack off, the business suffers. If I work smartly, then the business grows. It’s pretty cool to feel in control!” Having control also means having the opportunity to grow a team and hire assistants to help with his workload. As his business continues to receive interest it is in future plans to hire staff who are able to undertake the administrative side of the business, enabling him to fully focus on the photography and its editing process.

To add to these plans, Jake also hopes to get the opportunity to collaborate with a helicopter company. Many companies are able to regularly fly couples to beautiful locations to have their portraits taken and elopements fulfilled, however he hopes that the opportunity will arise that one of these companies will become available at a closer location.

While being a small business owner who trades solely on the reliance of himself, Jake Hogan Photography is proving each day to become more popular with local couples. What does he wish he’d known before starting his business? “How rewarding it was going to be! I would have started sooner!!”