Living in a beautiful coastal town has left a striking impression on Ocean Grove Chalet owner Mark Edmonds. Which could be the very reason why he decided to build a luxury-style motel along the The Terrace in the vibrant, beach side town.  Ask any local on the Bellarine about the love they have for their town and they will tell you. It is not only the setting for a relaxing get away, but also one of adrenaline and excitement. The scenery, local events, produce and artists are a firm favourite for locals and visitors alike.

Conveniently for guests, the small, luxury motel of OG Chalet sits a short walk from the beach, as well as the town’s own shopping strip. Designed for both families and couples, Mark Edmonds and business partner Mark Le Maistre found the need for better accommodation on the Bellarine. OG Chalet includes a penthouse suite, spa rooms, family rooms and standard rooms, making it accommodating for all families and couples. Guests are also able to enjoy the free Netflix and broadband internet, a heated pool and spa.

OG Chalet has a historical connection to the original Chalet built in 1887, and sits not far from the original site. It was a pleasant surprise for the owners of the new Chalet to learn that the site it sits on was previously the residence of the original Chalet’s last known owners. Digging further deeper into its history it was found that the original Chalet provided accommodation for up to 120 people and guests were offered vintage games such as bagatelle and billiards (pool), as well as having access to reading and smoking rooms.

The best part about owning a business in Ocean Grove for Mark? “Ocean Grove is a great place to live and visit – we want to share our great part of the coast.” Marks passion for his town shows clearly “It’s where we live and where we know. Plus why not share such a great place?”  OG Chalet is reaching for the goal of having full bookings every night, providing guests with a comfortable setting to relax in, surrounded by contemporary design. This may just be a goal OG Chalet can comfortably reach as they already have the tick of approval from locals. How exactly have the locals reacted? Those that live on the peninsula are known to be very happy and protective when talking about their town. “They have been very supportive as we are helping more people stay in the town and this will help all local businesses.” This is traffic that will continue to accumulate, particularly as Ocean Grove becomes a town to escape to from people of all walks of the world once summer hits.  It’s hard to choose a favourite thing about working in a seaside town. Marks favourite thing about being the owner of OG Chalet is seeing the happiness the luxury accommodation gives to its guests. He loves “the great sense of joy seeing people love staying with us.”

When Mark isn’t at the Chalet you can find him “looking at the beautiful views while walking along the cliff or visiting the great beach.”  Mark encourages everyone to experience the beautiful Ocean Grove town and get a taste of a stay at the Chalet. As it is still recently opened, OG Chalet is working to get the word out so customers can book directly through them and to get more people to experience the luxury for themselves.