Looking for somewhere to have your morning cup of Joe? Or somewhere to chill with a smashed avo for lunch? Or maybe you’re looking for an espresso martini to liven up your afternoon? A Spot For Joe is nestled in a discreet alleyway amongst the corporate businesses of Geelong.

Owned by Dave Browning since mid- 2017, A Spot for Joe has seen some changes throughout the years- from changes to the owners, to the interior styling, to creative new makeovers of the menu, it has bought ASFJ to its current success.

With plenty of experience and passion for coffee, Dave had a clear idea of what direction he wanted his cafe to head in. “I’m a passionate cafe goer and love the coffee scene as a consumer. I worked in the industry on and off for over fifteen years and had developed my own strong opinion on what I love in a cafe as a consumer. I bought the shop in 2017. It was an existing cafe and I have made my changes to make it what it is today.”

Customers applaud the cafe (run by a tight team of two barista’s and one foodie) for its welcoming environment and friendly staff, particularly the regulars who continue to come back. Making it another goal Dave can tick of his list of achievements for the cafe, “we wanted a welcoming but cool vibe. Friendly customer service is extremely rare these days!”

Having just released a new menu, Dave has already noticed locals flocking in on their lunch breaks and already forming favourites, “since the new menu has come out, the folded eggs have been really popular. But I would say the Chilli Scram is the winner in that category.” To no surprise, what will always be the winner for patrons from the drinks menu? “A good old cup of Joe!” They also have Cakesmith treats sitting in their display cabinet as well as use Clark St coffee behind the counter.

With many wonderful cafes across Geelong providing unique menus for their customers, this cafe sets itself apart from others with its menu of well-known favourites.

“We don’t claim to have the most complex Smashed Avo out there, we aim to produce simple classic dishes, done well.” In fact, ASFJ is where you can find a smashed avo on tasty potato for a gluten free option, a variety of bagels, poke bowls, breakfast staples and smoothies.  

Dave credits the locals for being so supportive of his business venture. “A high percentage of our customers are regulars that come in every day. They are the reason we are able to do what we do and also refer their friends and family. We know because we regularly get “(John) sent us in, he loves this place!”

With the warm reception from Geelong locals, Dave hopes to continue covering more of the hospitality market. “We have a catering company called Mr. B. So stay tuned for very near future news!”