House Iberia and its popular Spanish cuisine and boozy beverages have earned it the title of the most loved cafe on Shannon Ave. Owned by Rosie Mahoney, the cafe was born from her love of the Iberian Peninsula and the social enjoyment associated with its local cuisine.

In the thriving space you will find a menu for breakfast, lunch, coffee, booze and “all things tasty for anyone who has an interest in quality food & beverages.”

A popular hub for people who love a coffee, the star of the menu is the corn and black bean fritters which are suitable for vegans or those who opt for gluten-free. The aperol spritz is the winner amongst locals for a sneaky afternoon drink.

The Spanish influenced menu is designed to cater to a range of dietary requirements, making it friendly for those who enjoy their meals gluten and dairy free. 

Wooden tables, hanging terracotta pots, recycled- timber fittings, a tiled feature wall and indoor greenery complement the rustic style of the cafe. Designed to give customers “a comfortable, yet lively environment where all your culinary needs are met”

After being open for four and a half years House Ibera was due for an exciting renovation. Having recently finished their reno’s for the new year, customers can now enjoy a bigger space with a relaxed couch area to pick up a book while enjoying their coffee.

House Iberia has a strong family/team culture that appeals to the patrons they welcome into their space. Rosie’s brother Pat, has taken on the role of head chef and works alongside four other cooks. Their head barista has a team of hard working coffee makers alongside him. Their front of house manager also works alongside a team of friendly waiters on the floor. The love behind the business shows as there is a personal feel to the service at the eaterie. The team make every effort to make their customers feel as though they are at home.

“My favourite memory would have to be seeing a Spanish local cry with a Spanish dish we had on special, because he loved it so much.”

The Geelong community is known for its supportive nature towards local businesses and organisations. This has shown to be a highlight for Rosie having a eaterie that’s located in the area. “The community and beautiful local business who help support one another is the best thing about owning a cafe in Geelong, as well as it providing us with fantastic local produce.”

For Rosie, giving back to the community that has supported her is important, and holding events with charities is her favourite way to show her support.

“We love collaborating with charities to bring new fun events to our community.” Last year House Iberia held a Sunday session in support of cystic fibrosis awareness. This, not surprisingly was a success as patrons gathered for a colourful auction of local goods, a live DJ and delicious food. Again reinforcing the idea that celebrating amongst food with your favourite people is an absolute pleasure.

What sets House Iberia apart from other eateries is their attention to every detail of what they do and the effort shows. It’s set apart because “we source quality local ingredients and treat them well. We’re always working on finding an inventive way to showcase the ingredients with simple, delicious meals.”

As with all popular eateries, House Iberia is set to continue getting bigger and better . “We want to keep evolving our service to keep it fresh and interesting for our customers. We are also launching a catering side to House Iberia in the near future, which is something we are really looking forward to.”